Sunday, February 5, 2012


Ok so I have made it 36 hrs....and I am seriously craving, I have been chewing on ice chips and werthers candy's, I have gaind 5 pounds this week by eating to contain myself from lighting up I nearly cried and lit a smoke last night after stepping on the scale. But then I thought gaining a little weight ti be smoke free, so worth it! I'll have better lungs and more energy later to beat the weith off with!! So its all been pretty good, except for this morning I got a little cranky I bit poor John's head off over the sink plug that I couldn't find and it was his fault for not helping me look for it! It was in the garbage where I put it last night...YES I AM LOSING MY MIND!!! oh well hour by hour, day by day I am going to beat the shit out of the cigarette!!

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