Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 15 for me - I think the struggle is at rest at the moment - but will rear it's ugly head from time to time I am sure.  I feel much better - smell better - but eat better too!!  I gotta work on that too - but very proud of both Kristin and myself!! 
Well it reared it's ugly head alright - I was so bitchy at my husband tonight that I had to apologize to him.....the anger/rage/stage lasted about 30 minutes - I really wanted a cigarette so bad. He keeps saying stuff like there is going to be a huge war between Israel and Iran so we might as well smoke and enjoy our time on the planet because it won't be a long time. AHHHHH!!!!!
I still didn't smoke - good thing we have NONE in the house - instead I chewed Twizzlers.

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