Saturday, February 11, 2012


I have such love and compassion for my daughter Kristin - yesterday was a tough day for her, when a person is quitting a habit like smoking it makes you a bit out of sorts at times. That's how it was for her yesterday, but she didn't light up and knowing how she is feeling - I am so proud she didn't give in at one of her weakest moments. They say it gets easier and I am sure it does, but at 20 days in I imagined yesterday what it would feel like to take a nice long drag from a cigarette - man I wish I could say the thought turned me off or made me sick - it didn't, but I didn't smoke.....I figure each day that goes by the less I will think of smoking. I sure hope so!
Wow Kristin - we are non-smokers - for real!!! :)

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